British Airport Cars

In addition to the terms and conditions relating to bookings, the following will apply.

1. A commission will be agreed with the account holder. This commission rate can be amended based on volumes or other criteria.

2. Alternatively, the travel agent can have a discount based on volume.

3. The Commission will be paid on all journeys booked through a travel agent account.

4. The Commission will be paid in pound sterling, and any cost associated with the payment to travel agents will be deducted before the payment is made.

5. Payment will be made once the journeys are completed and payments received.

6. Cancellation of booking will be governed by general terms and conditions applicable to bookings.

7. Any other Arrangements for commission or discounts can be discussed.

London Zones

London area pricing is based on five zones, if you have a London postcode or address and want to find the relevant pricing zone click here

If your destination or location is not listed above, please request a

Special Quotation