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Why Should you register a personal account?

We started these personal accounts along with our new site in May 2016. Since then we have introduced some new features.: Log into your account to see if we have added a discount or use the other features in your account. If you can't remember your password all you need is the email address to get a new password.

  1. Lifetime discounts based on booking volumes from 5% to 10%.

  2. If you are a business or personal traveller you have the option of taking this discount or saving it for future journeys perhaps when you go on holiday. Please choose to save the discount for a future trip.

  3. You can repeat a previous booking, book a return or check details of your bookings.

  4. You can view your Invoices or receipts and print them.

  5. If you are a low volume user once you have booked six journeys or bookings to the value of £500 or more, you can generate a discount coupon which can be used within the next six months

  6. In addition to the discounts available to you through your account can also use the round trip discounts available.

  7. Your account enables you to book multiple journeys and save them to a booking cart and pay for them all together rather than pay for individual journeys.

  8. Once you account has been set up the booking process is easier as you only need to enter your journey details. Just go to the make  booking tab.

So why not, register a personal account, you can't loose. 


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