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Welcome to British airport cars (BAC). We are a small family business. It is established in 2003, as a sole proprietorship my in the name of Chris Mills Although a small business now our objective is to expand our horizons and provide a national service.


We are unable to offer any vehicle operator (VO) a full-time position. Some of our VO’s have now progressed to full-time and do not work for any other organisation. We believe a long-term relationship with the VO’s are better for all concerned. As a family business, we are interested in you and your family as much as ours. This policy will pay dividends to you, the client as well as us. In today’s world, many organisations are striving to find a way to attract more clients; we feel that the only way forward is to deliver a service that comes from the heart with respect for those who choose to use our service.  If you think that you are that kind of person, you will fit the mould to perfection.  We are very aware of the pressures of this job and would be very happy to discuss your problems. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a problem. My contact number is Chris 07879491007. Please read this document and ensure you understand the way we operate as our policy may be different to others in the industry.


General information

  • Payment will be made by electronic transfer into your bank account on the 16th of each month and the first day of the month, four weeks in arrears. i.e. any jobs completed between the 1st and the 15th will be paid on the 16th of the next month and jobs completed between the 16th and the last day of the month will be paid on 1st of the following month.


      Jobs completed between 1st Jan to 15th Jan – paid 16th Feb

      Jobs completed between 16th Jan to 31st Jan – paid 1st Mar

  • No show – Every effort is taken to ensure that all bookings are genuine. On rare occasions, there are no shows. In such an eventuality we will endeavour to recover the cost incurred by BAC or the full fare from the customer. This is however not always possible. With regular customers as we have to consider the long-term relationship with the customer. Although one-off clients agree to our terms and conditions, in some instances we are unable to collect the fare due to legal aspects and costs. In these instances, we will compensate the cost incurred in consultation with the VO. All such payments will be based cost incurred by the VO.

  • If a VO failed to pick up a client due to an error on VO’s part, we would charge the VO loss of commission plus any additional cost the company incurred in compensating the customer and or the additional cost of any alternative transportation provided.

  • All job details will be sent two days before the journey. This information will be sent to you by email. For any jobs booked after this window, we will first call you. When a job is offered in this manner, we may not have the full details of the job.

  • This is extremely important. Please do not discuss return journey details with the client. If the client chooses to discuss this with you, please call the office to verify the dates and times when the client is with you. Our experience suggests that if the client had a conversation with the VO the client assumes that details of their return journey are confirmed often causing problems as on occasions no return journey has been booked or the details are incorrect. Please leave the administration responsibility/liability to the office, we have a tried and tested system that works. We will offer you all returns that have been booked unless we can offer you a more profitable job or you are unavailable. 

  • Once you receive the job details, please check them and contact us ASAP for clarification if any. Please do not leave it till the last minute.

  • All pickup and destination details are provided in the job sheets. Please plan your route in advance. On weekends, please check events in London which can affect your journey.

  • Please confirm that you have received the job details on a daily basis by replying to the job sheet as received or accepted.

  • Once you have accepted a job it is your responsibility to ensure that it is completed. If due to unavoidable circumstances you are unavailable, please discuss this with us at the earliest opportunity. If you have an alternative solution i.e. another VO we are quite happy to consider this option, but we will first try to cover the job with another VO already registered with the company. Please do not ask another VO to cover your job before you consult us as we the company will be liable in case of a problem.

  • It is essential to be on time as primarily it is good customer service and notes the customer can sue us for the cost of their airfares if they miss their flight. This is based on several test cases where the prosecution has been awarded costs and damages.

  • If you are delayed while on your way to collect a client, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. Please do not leave it till the last minute.

  • The car must be clean inside and out.

  • Dress code smart business attire you must be well groomed and presentable. No casual clothing, trainers, or jeans, please.

  • Please help the customer with their luggage. Good customer service often results in a tip.

  • Please use the meet and greet board for all our jobs and ensure that the customer is given a BAC business card.



Payment methods - Jobs


  • The booking details will indicate how the customer will make payment. The payment methods are;

1.      Cash – you are responsible for collecting the cash. The customer pays an advance in most cases. The amount you need to collect is shown on the job sheet.

2.      Card advance – payment has already been made.

3.      Account we will collect via invoice or other methods.

  • If for any reason the journey or method of payment has changed from the description originally stated in the booking details i.e. additional drops, change of destination waiting time, etc. It is best practice to agree on additional charges in advance. Please discuss these with the customer and contact us. If you have any problems, it is best to contact us to resolve any issues.





Service delivery


Airport pickup

  • Please plan to arrive at the airport 30 – 20 minutes before the appointed pick up time.

  • Please arrive at the airport information desk at least 5 minutes before the pickup time.

  • Please wait by the airport information desk or other location specified in the job sheet with the meet and greet board with the customer name as the customer is looking for this board. In some instances, regular customers are allocated one driver and other arrangements could be made based only on client preference. Please do not request a customer to meet you outside the airport as this is not what we have promised the customer.

  • Airport pickups will be scheduled 30, 45 or 90 minutes after the flight lands or according to customer convenience. In some cases, the client may stipulate a specific time. It is your responsibility to check flight status and collect the client. If you have a problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • The first 45 minutes of waiting from the appointed pickup time are free and any additional waiting is chargeable in 30-minute slots, at the rates quoted in the terms and conditions. If a flight lands at 12.00 and the job was scheduled for pick up 30 minutes after landing. Waiting time starts after 13.15 is chargeable @ £15.00 per hour.


  • All car parking costs for the first 45 minutes is already added to fares from airports and seaports. All car parking charges must be paid by the VO.


Pick up at other locations

  • Please plan to arrive 10 -15 minutes ahead of the time of pickup.

  • The customer is allowed 20 minutes of free waiting and any additional waiting is chargeable at the rates quoted in the terms and conditions. 

  • Please consider the client as they may have legitimate problems. It is probably best to have a customer for life rather than a few minutes waiting time.

Time off

  • If you are going to be unavailable for work, please let us know well in advance.

  • If you ill and not able to complete the jobs you have undertaken, please let me know at the earliest opportunity.



Company commission

  • We will charge you a commission of 20 % on all fares. These fares are quoted in the job sheets sent to you. Commission will be charged on any waiting time or tip included in an invoice. We may from time to time offer discounts.


This is not a contract or terms and conditions but simply a guideline within which both parties can operate. It is also not exhaustive and we may add to, or modify it based on our experience as the environment is always evolving. If you have any comments about this document please do not hesitate to contact us, please print (if sent by e-mail) this document for future reference.




London Zones

London area pricing is based on five zones, if you have a London postcode or address and want to find the relevant pricing zone click here

If your destination or location is not listed above, please request a

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